Farm-to-Table Made Easy

Support local farms without the hassle. Let Big Wheelbarrow curate a weekly delivery of goods from local producers.  We work directly with you to create an order tailored to your menu and needs. This is a standing order that your kitchen will look forward to receiving every week.

Buying Local

You can call us a lot of things, but middleman isn’t one. Your weekly orders go directly to a local producer. This means you know where everything comes from and can incorporate the stories of local producers into your dishes. Every week you and your customers know exactly which farms you are sourcing from.

Customized For You

We think cookie-cutters are for pastry chefs, not restaurants. Whether you want ingredients to support your staples or want to exposed to new seasonal items for specials, our weekly boxes are perfect. We work directly with you to curate weekly delivery specifically for your restaurant.

Select your box!

We offer three easy plans to fit your needs. In addition to the great produce we pick out for you, you can add addition items from our Marketplace to be delivered with your box without any additional delivery fees!


$35 Curated Box

1 Additional $20 Flat-fee Delivery
per Month


$50 Curated Box

2 Additional $20 Flat-fee Deliveries
per Month


$100 Curated Box

4 Additional $20 Flat-fee Deliveries
per Month