Spotlight: Springdale Farm

Paula & Glenn Foore of Springdale Farm, Austin TX.
Paula & Glenn Foore of Springdale Farm, Austin TX.

Paula and Glen Foore started Springdale Farm in 2009 after over 17 years of running a landscaping business as part of the City of Austin’s Redevelopment program. They knew their plot of land sat in the Boggy Creek Watershed, a major spinach producing area as late as the 1930s. The Foores saw the transition from landscaping to farming as a way to reconnect with not only the area’s agricultural roots but, as children of farmers and ranchers, also their own ties to food production.

Springdale’s transition has been a resounding success. That great soil continues to produce amazing food. Springdale Farm is committed to organic-practice growing methods and virtually everything they harvest is exceptional in quality. Over the course of the year, they harvest 75 unique varieties of vegetables. During tomato season, they can harvest more the 100 lbs of heirloom tomatoes a week. In addition, Paula and Glenn work with local chefs to try experimental crops.

Check out what they currently have available on Big Wheelbarrow:

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