No farmer ever says, “I’d rather being making sales calls.” We know you spend a good deal of time working with wholesale accounts to move produce before it spoils. We created Big Wheelbarrow to help you spend less time doing sales and marketing and more time doing what you love. Our goal is to make selling to restaurants an easy and efficient way to solidify revenue and reduce losses to spoilage. Here how’s it works:
  1. Create an account with your existing Square account. No need to give us any more information!
  2.  Fill our your profile so restaurants can know more about you, how you grow, and your pickup/delivery details. It only takes a few minutes!
  3.  Tell us about your current and future produce inventory you plan to have available. Easy and fast data entry, with details provided from the leading seed companies.
Easy, right? We are up and running in Austin, so click here to create an account. Not in Austin? Sign up to get notified when we are in your city, here.