We know that consumer demand puts a strain on retailers’ supply chains. Finding and managing smaller suppliers is time consuming and extremely inefficient. The direct store delivery process is often disconnected from other businesses systems creating blindspots in buying strategies. On top of that, it is hard at a corporate level to scale local buying programs across a chain’s entire footprint. 


Big Wheelbarrow changes that. Through our platform or plugins to existing systems, we are solving one of the hardest problems retailers face.


Our easy-to-use software and plugins enable food retailers to work with suppliers that were too small to deail with directly. Big Wheelbarrow’s sourcing and procurement solutions are design to be flexible in order to work with the existing systems and processes of grocers. By pulling in real-time availability data for approved suppliers around each store, we not only make sourcing faster but we also open up a world of data that changes how organizations manage procurement. 

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