Big WheelBarrow

What we do

Big Wheelbarrow solves a fundamental challenge that has prevented the food grown on 475 million small farms in the world from getting into local supply chains: The time and labor required to work with them. It takes just as much effort to buy 100 pounds of tomatoes from a local grower as it does 1,000 pounds from a large grower.

With our platform, organizational food buyers can view the real-time inventory of participating farms and place orders. Buyers have a window into all food safety certifications from participating farms, too. With more local choices to offer your customers, you can add more premium offerings. Even better, we automate the updates from your existing suppliers and create a dashboard view of what’s available for purchase.
Did you know:

How much time is spent managing orders and sales of local produce?

30 %
AVG Grower Time
55 %
AVG Buyer Time

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